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End of Year Edition - Your input is needed!

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May 2016

Winter Concert, Iron Pigs Saftey Patrol Night, Harlem Wizards, Winter Family Fun Night & HFD Quilters..  

2015-2016 School Year In Review

Checking on our progress towards meeting our goals.

During Meet The Staff Nights in September, we shared our goals for Hereford Elementary School for the 2015-16 school year.  Each goal was composed to target one of four overall Upper Perkiomen School District cornerstones:

  • Innovative Teaching & Learning;
  • Mindset for Learning;
  • Technology Integration; and
  • Communication.

It has been a rewarding year of learning and growing for students, faculty and staff alike.  In this month’s blog we will review the work completed in furtherance of improving our program in each of these four areas.

As we reflect on this past year, we also begin to plan for the 2016-2017 school year.  Parent and guardian feedback is important to us.  It helps us become more reflective and responsive educators.  It will also help us to shape our future planning.  Please click this link to complete a brief parent partnership survey.

Innovative Teaching & Learning
Goal 1: Provide high quality professional development to faculty and staff regarding English Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning, and the Special Education Service Delivery model.  As a result, students will be engaged in meaningful and authentic learning experiences.

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Literacy Stations,  Shared Reading  and The Caring School Community in action.  

English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Five Balanced Literacy professional development training modules developed in conjunction with Amber Molloy from the MCIU
    • Classroom Environment
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Reading
  • Instructional coaches trained in the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching (PIIC) model
    • Coaches provided more than 100 in-class coaching sessions focused on the “I do.  We do.  You do.” model
  • Piloted two new programs of resources and materials after an extensive research and selection process
    • Benchmark Literacy selected for full implementation in grades K-2 during the 16-17 school year and grades 3-5 in the 17-18 school year
  • Learning walks completed by each professional focused specifically on classroom environment, Shared Reading, Guided Reading in the Balanced Literacy framework
  • Collaborative planning implemented during Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings focused on developing model ELA lessons

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • In-class coaching in each classroom by guidance department using the new Caring School Community curriculum
  • Professional development provided at monthly meetings for leadership team
  • Implemented Cross-Age Buddies, Kindergarten Bus Buddies, Safety Patrol, Fifth Grade Student Leadership Council and Recess Buddy Bench

Special Education
  • Service delivery model focused on inclusionary practices ensuring student access to on-grade level content
  • Special education representation is included as a part of the SEL and ELA leadership teams
  • Inclusion of special education teachers, behavior specialist and social worker on the Child Study teams
  • Special education teachers trained in new research-based interventions including Lexia and Sonday

Mindset for Learning
Goal 2: Using a data informed individualized approach, we will ensure each student is realizing measurable annual growth.

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The Hereford faculty & staff analyzing student data and planning for next steps..  
Weekly Child Study team meetings
  • Team works with teacher, support staff and families to identify root causes and develops an intervention action plan that includes progress monitoring and determination of intervention effectiveness
  • Individual student behavioral, academic and/or attendance concerns addressed
    • Tuesdays - kindergarten through second grades
    • Thursdays - third through fifth grades

Intervention & Enrichment period implemented each trimester
  • All students benchmarked in reading and math three times during the year
  • Individual teacher data meetings held with administrator, instructional coach and counselor after each benchmarking period to plan for student intervention or enrichment

Monthly Solutions Network committees established:
  • Leadership Council: Student data review; setting and monitoring school goals; identifying strengths and needs; action planning
  • Collaborative Culture: Analyzes school-wide and individual student behavior data;  action plans for a tiered system of behavioral interventions; develops activities for increased student engagement
  • Attendance: Oversees implementation of district attendance policy; analyzes school-wide and individual student attendance data including both tardiness and absence; action planning for a tiered system of attendance interventions

Technology Integration
Goal 3: To increase the engagement of our students through the meaningful use of technology tools.
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Using Google Docs to compose a story together, Cyber Cafe, and Young Innovator’s Fair.
Revamped Project Fair provided students the opportunity to choose one of three project ideas based on the overall theme Hereford Finds Solutions
  • When I grow up, I can change the world by…;
  • Develop a community service project; or
  • Identify and solve a global or local problem.

Updated the Hereford school website and all teacher pages utilizing the Google Apps for Education platform.
  • School site includes:
    • Up to the minute calendar
    • Links to administrator Twitter feeds
    • Updated Blogs
  • Sample teacher pages:

A team of Hereford teachers and administrators attended the annual Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE & C).  The team returned to provide school-wide professional development on applications and extensions such as:
  • Literably
  • Kahoot
  • QR Codes/Plickers
  • Interactive Graphic Organizers
  • Word Hippo
  • Google Story Builder
  • EPIC Books
  • Daily 5 Tech Makeover (Great Resource!!)
  • Green Screen (ipad App)

Goal 4: Improve communication with parents, students and staff regarding the changes to procedures and programs at the elementary level.

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Shop With a Cop, Fall Book Fair, Get Set for Kindergarten program.

Opportunities for communication throughout the year included:
  • Increase in the use of email notification system
  • Monthly PTFS meetings
  • Weekly faculty and staff newsletter
  • Teacher participation in budget development process
  • School-based Google Site as data hub and handbook
  • August volunteer trainings
  • Hereford Bazaar
  • Chamber of Commerce Breakfast
  • Harlem Wizards night
  • Live Google Student Calendar of Events;
  • Meet the Staff Nights & Open House Nights
  • Hereford Volunteer Breakfast
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Shop with a Cop Program
  • Mobile Dentist program
  • Lions Club vision screenings for all kindergarten students
  • Fifth Grade Square Dance at Marlborough
  • Lunch volunteer program
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Reading Night

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