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March 2016

Second graders in Ms. Cameron’s class use Chromebooks to start off “Daily 5” reading instruction.  The students filled their bookshelves with "just right books" they can read while using the technology center.  

Hereford Sends a Team to Annual Technology Conference

Cross-grade level team participates in the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference.

In February, several Hereford teachers attended the PETE&C conference in Hershey.  They returned with a wealth of information and tools that are already being used in classrooms to increase student engagement, enhance lesson content, and streamline data collection.  Here’s what they had to say about the experience:

The biggest take-away for the attendees has been the availability of simple on-line tools to motivate and engage students, most of which are available for free.  Teachers in 1st and 2nd grade have already begun using the Chatterpix and Spelling City apps to spin otherwise rote learning into engaging and exciting games.  In the upper grades, teachers are using formative assessment websites such as Kahoot to engage students in motivating assessment games that have replaced traditional paper-and-pencil activities.

Aside from having a more engaged and motivated class, the tools shared at PETE&C are helping to simplify systems of data collection and analysis.  The Literably app is being used to analyze running records and store student data.  Kahoot, Plickers, and Goformative all organize and store data in spreadsheets that can be accessed by teachers at any time.

All in attendance also commented on the power of collaborating with colleagues from other districts.  Our teachers gained insight into how to best integrate the current available technology into our core curriculum.  All were also surprised to learn how our district compares concerning available technology.  Teachers from other districts were impressed with how technologically well-equipped we are in UPSD.  Our infrastructure, internet access and speed, and reliability are envied by many.

The new learning and resources will be shared with all staff during our April 1st in-service.

Click here to learn more about the conference.

From Mrs. Bianco’s class: Students working on math problems during a Kahoot competition.  Notice the engagement and excitement!

In Our Classrooms

The Annual State Testing Season Has Arrived.

During the period from April 12, 2016 through April 21, 2016, all third, fourth and fifth grade students at Hereford Elementary will participate in the 2016 Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The grade four students will participate in the 2016 PSSA for Science from April 26, 2016 through April 27, 2016.
Why are these assessments important? These assessments are important for both the students and school because:
◆ Both students and parents will gain a better understanding of how the student’s achievement compares with that of other PA students taking the state assessments.
◆ PA Assessment Scores will become part of the student’s permanent record. The PSSA scores, combined with other standardized test scores, create an academic profile for consideration and admittance into college or other educational institutions.
◆ PA Assessment Scores will be used to develop a personalized portfolio which may be used for making career decisions.
◆ Classroom teachers will use these scores to measure the student’s grasp of specific concepts.
◆ The school district will see how its students compare with those of similar schools.
◆ Results of the assessments will be used to make necessary changes in the school’s educational program.
According to state mandates, the only student exemption for each PSSA assessment is for religious reasons after a parent or guardian has reviewed the assessment. You may review a PSSA assessment at the Hereford Office between April 1, 2016 – April 8, 2016. If you would like to review one or more of the PSSA assessments, please call the school to make an appointment.
One final note: The PA Department of Education mandates that no student may possess an electronic device, including a cell phone, within a classroom during PSSA testing. We will address this PDE mandate with our students before testing begins.
We need your help for every student to do his or her best. Please be sure that your son or daughter has a good night’s sleep, a nutritious breakfast, and a word of encouragement. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact us at (215) 541-3400.
Click the link for Frequently Asked Questions

In Our Community

Coordinating a Comprehensive System of Support

Dr. Melissa Teller works to support the behavior needs of our students.

My name is Dr. Melissa Teller and I am new to the Upper Perkiomen School District this year. My role is the Behavior Specialist for District.  Since this is a new position here at the district I thought it would be beneficial to let everyone know what my role is and the support I can offer.  As the Behavior Specialist, I work with school staff and administration on helping address behavioral issues that may be occurring in the school setting.  I help to find solutions and strategies to allow the students and staff be successful.  

I am also available to help parents with any behavioral issues they may be experiencing at home so that home and school can support each other.  I am available to school staff and administration daily and make my way to the four schools throughout my week.  

In addition to the above information I also attend weekly meetings to consult on issues, as well as assessing behavioral concerns and developing behavior plans that work with the student’s needs to help shape their behavioral growth and provide them with the tools they need to grow as a student.

I am enjoying working in Upper Perkiomen and am thankful for this opportunity to help its students and families.

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